Different Tripods and its Prime Considerations – Explained!

Different Tripods and its Prime Considerations Explained!

As we know, the prime characteristics of using any tripods are same; that is, ‘to prevent camera shakes’, ‘allow more light into the camera’ and get the steadier and sharp images at your hand. However, there are variety of tripods that are being designed ‘to enable the features which benefit specific photographic situations. Hence, it is important as a photographer to know, ‘which tripod suits the best to shoot what.’

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Travel/Architecture Tripods

As the word itself says, a travel tripod is used while traveling. Everyone’s dream would be to travel in a relaxed manner. Nobody wants the complexity of carrying heavily loaded bag while traveling. Hence, as a photographer, it is important to ensure your travel bag is as light as possible, with minimal accessories.

  • The most significant attributes to consider while choosing travel tripods would be primarily the ‘weight.’ If you’re adventurous and curious about taking photographs from the hikes, then the tripod with lesser weight would play a major role in keeping you untiring. So, it is best recommend going for carbon-fiber tripods which are lighter than the aluminum alloy. But, it is contradicting; aluminum alloy, which is a bit heavier, would grip better.
  • Secondly, would be the tripods with better ‘height,’ the capabilities of extending its length to its best. Sometimes, you might require photos to be clicked from a higher height; also, as a photographer, if you’re tall, then the height plays a significant role. Always never take pictures with complexity by bending down towards the tripod, enjoy the moments with the most favorable accessories at your hands.
  • Thirdly, tripod’s size when you fold it. You must consider whether the tripod would fit in your bag.
  • Fourthly, you might need customizable tripod feet if you’re traveling on the ice. Spiked feet are most important on the ice, even on the grass, beach and the places where it is slippery.
  • And the fifth is tripod’s versatility. Some of the locations and cities might not allow tripods but allow monopods. Hence, flexibility in tripods can play a major role. But, it can be very expensive but very effective.
  • ‘Versatility,’ even plays a major role when you want the images to be clicked from the highest level from a tripod. The situation also may intend you to click from lowest ground level to get perfect portraits of architectures, landscape or any other subjects. Hence, considering ‘flexibility’ in tripod would play a major role. Consider it when you wish to use it often.
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Note: One of the most significant attributes that you must consider for all kind of tripods is its capacity to withstand your camera’s weight. So, never forget about it. Here are some of the best carbon-fiber tripods suggested by ‘TechRadar’ which you can look for.

As you know that, all the travel/landscape/architecture photographers wish to take clicks during perfect daylight conditions. As usual, none like to click when it is ‘too sunny’ or ‘cloudy’ out there. But, sometimes these situations are uncontrollable like when a ‘wedding couple’ who wish to have the clicks in front of a monument or a beautiful landscape; and if it is too sunny, you have no options rather than adjusting to the best of your camera settings.

During such situations, photo editing plays a major role. Several photo editing experts would assist you in enhancing the images with color corrections and enhancements, facilitating the balanced and appropriate exposure for your photographs, subject replacements like beautiful sky instead of cloudy one and many other editing requirements are seamlessly handled.

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Product/Food Tripods

You’re not walking/trekking anymore for product photography.

  • All you need here is ‘stability’ in the tripod.
  • Secondly, you need a tripod which has the capability of adjusting center column to extend horizontally for overhead images.
  • Thirdly, adjustable height tripod is required for clicking your subjects on desired length or height but need not be of too much height like in for travel.
  • Fourthly, as mentioned above, the tripods capacity to withstand your camera’s weight.
  • Fifth, ensure the feet of the tripod are covered with rubber stamps to avoid scratches on the indoors. Add-ons attribute can be ‘spirit level measurement’ to know whether the focused subject is on the level.

Some product photographers utilize camera stands instead of tripods. They are usually similar to tripods but have better adjustment capabilities for angling, height and also for the subject reach. But, they are expensive.

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As a photographer, being also a strategist would play a major role in your career. For example, after your product photography; you can suggest your clients about post-processing works, which plays a significant role in attracting the customers and be sustainable in today’s competitive market.

As you recognize in today’s world, many service providers are providing similar services. For example, Dominos, Pizza Hut; similar fashion apparels by various brands being sold online etc. Hence, as a photographer, thinking little beyond, would help you in being eminent and also would aid your clients as well. Professional Photo Editors can assist your clients with eye-catching images with right photo editing techniques being implemented to achieve best of the quality.

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Real Estate/Interior Tripods

  • The tripod for real estate photography needs to have good ‘stability’ in it to utilize slower shutter speed and get the best of ‘High Dynamic Range’ images.
  • Secondly, the ‘adjustable height’, it doesn’t mind if height is greater than your eye-level. But, it must not be below your eye-level as you have to bend down which may cause you with faulty images. Hence, the advantage would be with adjustable tripods where can change heights according to your need.
  • Remember, utilize rubber covered feet tripods to avoid unnecessary damages to the floor/surface.
  • Always try to choose the tripod between ‘neither too much of weight nor less.’
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As you know, real estate is the most competitive landscape in today’s market. Clients expect higher quality images from photographers. Hence, post-processing also plays a major role here. Photo editing specialists ensures good quality photo editing works done within a limited period of time and on-time delivery.

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Ultimately, the most significant way of buying a tripod is to realize your photography niche first. Then, start questioning about ‘how often you would use it.’ If you are going to utilize it frequently, then think about ‘best of quality products’ rather than thinking about the budget. If you are photographing in different niche areas, buy a tripod which is versatile.

Moreover, during travel, consider lighter one especially ‘carbon fiber,’ ensure the folded size of tripod fits in your bag and also has options for adjusting heights to capture different angles like from ‘highest angle’ and also from ‘lowest ground level angles to top.’ When it comes to product photography, consider the tripods, where there are options for adjusting center column for overhead images with good stability in it.

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