11 Ways to Make Rainy Wedding Photo Session Special!

Rainy Wedding Photo Session Special!

Rain on the wedding day may sound unpleasant for the couple and the photographer, as these situations create complexities. But, realize these situations are the time of opportunities to create unique and attractive photos, unlike the standard sunny wedding photo session. Here, the key task a photographer must do is to get well-prepared for complex situations like on a rainy day. The prime aim of this article is to reveal some of the effective ideas which would make the rainy wedding photography session special.

Make Use of the Backlight

The backlight can be either natural light (Sun) or the artificial lights like the porch light or a flash. When it is raining, using backlight adds light to each raindrop, and the photo stands pretty well with lights to each raindrop and flashlight popping-up the couple. Backlighting works pretty well during overcast conditions when there is low ambient light and night photography. Thus, make sure you carry a flash and is weather-sealed to prevent damages in your gear.

Rainy Wedding Photo Session

Check Out Your Shutter Speed

When you make use of the light (either natural or artificial) to capture raindrops, ensure shutter speed is accurately set to freeze each raindrop. Try experimenting the shutter speed at 1/500s or faster, for freezing the raindrops.

In order to capture the sense of movements of the raindrops then, try experimenting shutter speed at 1/100s or lower.

Puddles for Reflections

Look for a puddle and take advantage of it. As we know, puddles create reflection and you can be very creative here. So, be patient, take time for composition and capture the photographs well.

Rainy Wedding Photo Session

Inform Couple to Go Wet

If it’s a drizzle, tell them to go wet. Then, backlit the couple with the flash and fasten the shutter speed. The image would certainly turn amazing.

Look for Areas Like Tree Coverings, Awnings, and Porches

If the couple wants to stay dry when it is raining, look for tree coverings, awnings, or a porch surrounded with beautiful artificial lights. The color saturation of the surroundings during rain looks more genuine and pure, so prefer the areas where more greenery is available like a tree covering which looks aesthetic.

Ensure You Have Wedding Umbrellas With You

A white and transparent wedding umbrella will have 2 key advantages. One would protect the couple from being wet, and another it allows the light to soak through and kickbacks down at the couple without discharging any shadows. One more add-on advantage is white and transparent umbrellas will match the couple’s dressing too.

Rainy Wedding Photo Session

Watch the Clouds

Nature is “unpredictable.” Always look at the skies above. The clouds might have appeared in the way for you to get good photographs with aesthetic backgrounds. So, recommend implementing negative spacing composition. Basically, here you have to focus towards the couple (positive space) and then the surrounding skies (negative space), which can make wedding photos look amazing and unique.

Rainy Wedding Photo Session

Do you know? Photo editing can play an important role to increase the quality of photographs. So, if you are a commercial photographer, always enhance your wedding photos to make it memorable and engaging.

When you deliver quality photographs to your clients it is certain that they would be satisfied. When a customer is satisfied, they might share their experiences with others (friends and relatives) and recommend you for various events (Other terms Word-of-Mouth). So, always do post-processing before delivering, which makes your images look great.

Here is where photo editing service providers come into the picture, where you can take their expert assistance to enhance your images. They deliver services like color correction, exposure adjustment, skin smoothing, photo retouching, blemish removal, red-eye removal, and other enhancements.

Make the Couple to Walk in the Rain

Make them walk through with the groom carrying an umbrella and protecting his bride from being wet in the rain. This moment creates a candid like as well as providing an emotional aspect for the image.

Capture the Couple From the Back

Capturing from the back would also create an emotional touch among the two. This type of photography can also add stories. For example, it may be described in a way that their love and feelings towards each are undisclosed to the viewers. A more kind of possessiveness can be implied in a story.

You can also capture the couple through the transparent umbrella, which partially secretes visuals of couple’s love and romantic pose from the picture. This type of photography technique also would add stories.

Get Close to the Couple

It is a rainy day. Obviously either a groom or bride would be holding an umbrella. One of the techniques you can apply here is focusing the couple from the ground level and capturing them. Above layers of the couple when clicked from the ground level would be an umbrella which is completely covering them. So, as a photographer, you tell them to any kind of romantic stuff like a kiss or look face to face. Here it goes!

Rainy Wedding Photography

Get a Person to Assist You During the Photography Session

During complex situations like on a rainy day, it is good to hire a person who can assist you. For example, instances where you want to backlight a bride and groom, you might here need an extra set of hands to move the strobe at the right angle.

Also being a photographer, psychologically you would feel secure and capture freely when you have a person whom you think can assist you during difficult situations. So, it is good to hire an assister.


Nature is unpredictable and your perfect wedding photography session may suffer on a rainy day. Doing a wedding photography session on a rainy day can be challenging, but you can be smart about how you can work around with the situation at hand and use it your advantage with the above mentioned ideas. Surprise yourself with the ideas suggested for a rainy wedding photoshoot, it would certainly turn out to be great and memorable for both the couple and you as a photographer.

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