Top 9 Photo filters and effects

Photo filters and effects

Photography is the priceless beauty of life captured. In the process of preserving these memorable images, the concept of photo editing comes into the picture.

For those who love to walk, look, see, stop and photograph photo filters help in easing your tedious editing job. In this trending selfie era, every bit of editing is done in a fraction of seconds. Let us know about some of the trending photo filters that transform your ordinary images into stunning artworks.

Trending at this summer;

1. Summer Haze Filter:

This filter is best for outdoor portraits and natural light photography. Summer haze filter leaves the original image undamaged. There are about 10 different types of haze filters that help in enhancing outdoor photographs. The hazy afternoon filters create a soft gradient color layer that makes the image shot in the afternoon. Sun-kissed filter brightens the photographs with warm toning and lens flare effect. The magic of summer haze is given below.

Summer Haze Filter- Photoshop filters effects

2. HDR Filter Action:

The high contrast effect that details the photograph, HDR filter can be segregated into HDR fix light, normal, heavy and clicker. Now trending in 2018 is the strong HDR effect. This filter captures a wider range of colors with an impressive amount of contrasts.

HDR Filter Action - Photoshop filters effects
HDR Filter effect - Photoshop filters effects

3. Blue Evening Filter:

This creative filter creates a touch of drama to a boring image. You can also use texture channels for controlling your lighting effects. Blue filter Photoshop action adds a mysterious atmosphere that takes photographs to another level.

Blue Evening Filter - Photoshop filters effects

4. Night to Twilight:

Turn your night photo to cool twilight photos using these Photoshop filters. These are done using color cast and then highlighting the desired space with layers. This helps in adjusting the twilight degree by reducing the layer opacity and makes the image look nice and flexible.

night photo to cool twilight - Photoshop filters effects
night photo to cool twilight photos- Photoshop filters effects

5. Purple Contrast:

This has become one of the favorite Photoshop filters. These filters give a nice purple hue that adds dramatically downbeat look to your photographs. For those, you love the pleasant purple color this filter is the best choice.

Purple Contrast - Photoshop filters effects

6. Soft Color Filter:

This brings in beautiful warmth, detailing rich tones in hair, skin and softening colors. The pink tone chart creates a beautiful, pleasant and nostalgic feel that gives an impressive look to your photographs.

Soft Color Filter - Photoshop filters effects

7. Black & White Filter:

This converts the image into an exceptional grayscale. There are number methods used in Photoshop for the conversion of a color image into the black and white image. Some of the methods may be using hue/saturation tool, LAB color method, Gradient map, Channel mixer and other.

Black White Filter - Photoshop filters effects

8. Dreamy Edge Blur:

This filter gives a soft smoky effect that makes the picture look dramatic with added cool fading touch. A dreamy filter is best for landscape, twilight and selected portrait photographs.

Dreamy Edge Blur - Photoshop filters effects

9. Nightmare/ Cold Nightmare Filter:

These are the trending filter that turns images into another phase. It provides a haunting effect by slight editing of dark tones and shadows. This filter is well suited for night photography and action photography.

Nightmare/ Cold Nightmare Filter - Photoshop filters effects

Photography takes a precious instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. The clicking of photographs and editing is a never-ending process. You can also step into professional photo editors and make your editing process an easier one. Enjoy the impact of photo filters and turn your boring images into an interesting one.

Give a new look and feel to your images and create a stunning atmospheric effect with these stylish filters. Forget not to share your style of photo editing and have fun creating innovative filter effects.

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