Photography, a visual art form

visual art form -Snapshot of nature & wildlife

The best way of merging with beautiful nature is through your lens. Here are some useful tips that help you get a perfect picture snapshot of nature & wildlife with best sharpness and clarity. Here’s how.

1. Camera Moment

Staying still to get an exceptional shot is a talent. Being a dedicated photographer one should utilize their patience and photography skill to capture stunning moments. Proper focus and movement of your camera give you a beautiful shot. The main cause of unsharpness is the poor quality of the camera lens. Camera moment determines the status of your photographs.

2. Use of Tripod Stand

Tripod Stand photography

This helps you in capturing striking action moments in nature and wildlife. The proper usage of a tripod aids you in getting a sharp and clear image. Flexible tripods help you in night time photography, close up shots, action shots, and others. This will make your photography easier with the precise shutter speed (avoid multiple strike clicks and shutter speed that are slower than 1/60 sec).

3. Extension Tubes

inexpensive extension tubes

Usage of inexpensive extension tubes increases the quality of capturing the subjects. This helps you in getting professional macro images and close ups. Extension tube, a piece of equipment fixed in-between lens and camera body creates a space between two and help in holding the lens in place. This allows greater focus and there-by give you an exquisite clear cut image.

4. Panning(Panorama)

Panorama view photography

The swiveling of a still or video camera horizontally from a fixed position is panning. This concept helps you in photographing action moments of fastest animals like cheetah, tiger, ostrich and lot more. Document the most thrilling snapshot by capturing action moments and highlight them with the blurred background for a more visual treat.

5. White Balance

Camera White balance adjustment

White Balance gets priority during the sunrise and sunset shots. Check your camera for auto white balance which makes the colors look neutral. This spoils the authenticity of brilliant and vibrant colors during sunrise/sunset. So make sure you set your camera for either “sunny” or “cloudy” mode before you capture a perfect shot of nature.

6. Best Focal Length

Focal Length setting

Usage of apt focal length makes the image stand out. Appropriate and the apt focal length that can be used, as per experts concern is 400 mm. The main component of 400 mm is its Minimum Focusing Distance, this helps in storytelling photography. While using these criteria you will have to zoom to get the image size that you desire.

7. Background Selection

Background Selection of photography

Selection of beautiful background uplifts detailing in the photographs. Choose the best possible backgrounds that highlight the main photography subjects. Backgrounds like fog, clean and dramatic sky, bright and vibrant lighting may aid in boosting up the image. Proper usage of lens, depth of field, back-light, flash and neutral background gives an effective punch to your piece of art.
These are among the few guidelines to obtain an exceptional image with perfect sharpness. To get well-versed and become a professional photographer, try committing lot of mistakes until you get an extraordinary shot.

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