Top Wedding Photography Tips for Amateurs and Mistakes to avoid

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Make a Shot List

Discuss with the couples, at least once before the wedding. Ask them the type of shots they would like to get captured for their wedding occasion. If they don’t have any ideas, then showcase them your previous work if you have any or do some research online to get creative inputs on wedding photography. Below mentioned are few great types of shots for wedding photography.

  • Bride and Groom getting ready.
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  • Family portraits
  • Photography of the venue when chairs unoccupied, and while filled.
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  • Clicks of important items like bouquet, jewelry, invitation, dress etc.
  • People meeting with a drink, and their happy moments.
  • Photography of the events like cake cutting, couple dance, speeches.
  • Bride and Groom’s car entering into the venue.
  • Food pictures etc.
  • Party reception photos.
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  • Decorations of a cake, flowers, sitting tables etc.

Projecting such ideas either through your previous work or via online stimulate ideas from them. Thus, as a photographer, you can plan wedding shots accordingly based on their requirements.

For example, if a couple requires each and every moment to be captured, then it is better to hire another photographer based on the work level. Planning is key to capture every moment.

Take Prenup Photos

It is better to have prenup pictures that will make them comfortable during their wedding day. Also, communicate and tell them ideas of various modern couple poses and click their photos. The advantage of clicking on various poses is that you get to know the best angles.

Recognize Different Moments

It is not only that you stay in front of couples throughout the day. Identifying different moments during the wedding party receptions and capturing those excitements such as guests speaking to each other, dancing, smiling etc. would be fascinating and memorable. It would be great if you take pictures more naturally, than asking guests to pose for you all the time.

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Shoot in Raw

Get your camera settings to raw as it benefits from giving more information to an image. As an amateur photographer, it will be wise if you shoot in raw mode; as the image can be altered later. If the image is less exposed, it can be modified to get into better exposure. If you are good at post-processing of wedding photos like digitally enhancing them by removal of unwanted objects, color correction, lighting adjustments, exposure adjustments, and facial glare removal then, it’s great.

If not, take assistance from an expert photo editors who can edit your wedding photos and ensure your images are perfectly exposed with
quality retouching, manipulation, and enhancement.
Photo editing services also would be your savior when you are still in the learning stage, yet in experiencing various situations.

Alert! Raw images consume more space. Keep a backup like additional memory cards or carry a laptop with you to store raw images.

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Recognize and Ensure Right Gear is With You

Knowing the best photography gear for a wedding is essential to get the effective wedding coverage. Ensure the right lenses are with you, to get good quality images during the wedding.

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Walk into the venue before the wedding day, to sort out lighting situation

Bring your camera, do a demo by clicking samples of both indoors and outdoors. Modify the settings until you get the right exposure in the picture. Thus, get successful coverage on the wedding day. This also will save your time and would be a fruitful idea by keeping away frustrations during the period of the wedding day. Analyse the accessories you need to bring based on lighting situations.

Nevertheless, you need to recognize which camera settings to be used in specific situations. (Ex, during low light, excessive light, and a large group on a stage needs a wider aperture etc.) Thus, a demo before the wedding and customizing your setting accordingly is noteworthy.

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Mistakes to Avoid

Don’t go Alone

You need someone who handles your accessories, like managing the light, bringing tripods when required. So, hire a person who can assist you, which would be a savior since photographers have limited time to move around and get accessories in hand during wedding photography.

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Recognize when to move apart and when to move closer

It is better to keep distance when the wedding ceremony is taking place, and during speeches; as it would disturb the viewers. It also allows guests who are hanging with their cameras to click the photos. Make use of good zoom lens and click the pictures without getting too close.

Ultimately, effective planning of the event; realizing mistakes in the event, learning, and preventing it from doing again is the key to get success and build your photography career. Mistakes happen when you are learning, but you can’t send faulty photos to your clients. It needs to be photo edited to bring back into the right quality. Professional photo editing service providers pays attention to the faulty images and regenerates them into top quality through expert photo retouching, manipulation, and enhancement.

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