Tips to drive higher walk-ins to your restaurant with digitally enhanced photographs

1. Take photographs of your Premium Items

According to the research, visual imagery of food can increase one’s appetite. Hence, for restaurants, it is very important to showcase their premium items through digital photographs. Capturing different images of premium items from the menu defines your core offerings and your niche as a restaurant.

So, to influence and draw more customers, ensure the premium item’s images are enhanced, manipulated, retouched effectively. Mouth-watering images may end up with an increase in home delivery orders or you may see an increased number of direct walk-ins to your restaurant.

digitally enhanced photograph

An example of a digitally enhanced photograph

In the above image, you can clearly see the image has been digitally enhanced by blurring the background to focus on the primary object. These are some of the techniques of photo editing. At Fotofigo, professional graphic designers assist your item to be more focused, perfectly conditioned background, image masking and other services to ensure the product is eye-catching and appealing towards your target customers. With focused and quality images of premium items uploaded on your website and social media page, there will be a higher probability of walk-ins or orders from your restaurant.

2. Click Photographs of the Restaurant’s Ambience

Capturing restaurant images is effective for various marketing strategies. Ensure it is clicked when more people are dining in your restaurant. Image of the ambience describes the crucial attributes of a restaurant such as which type of consumers frequent your restaurant, how the tables are arranged, whether it has a separate family section, or does it have a bar counter, etc. Images convey a lot of key aspects of your restaurant, and that can lead to an increase in foot falls and create better word of mouth marketing.

Photographs of the Restaurant’s Ambience

An image of a restaurant’s ambience

To pull consumers to your restaurant, hiring a professional photographer is a must. They produce high-quality images for you which can be further digitally enhanced.

photographer is optimizing the conditions to make it bright, contrasting, and give a good exposure.

An image where the photographer is optimizing the conditions to make it bright, contrasting, and give a good exposure.

Take a look at the above picture, the situation of left image which is dull and boring. It might be due to weather or insufficient lighting in the room, due to which it is underexposed. The right one has a better overall result and it is due to the techniques of photo editing, which assists photographers to ensure stable exposure of the ambience.

‘Better the image, higher is the reputation’. Fotofigo ensures your restaurant photography is optimized and enhanced to drive more customers to your restaurant.

3. Take photographs of people dining at your restaurant:

Adding images of customer dining and enjoying their food at your restaurant is an emotional tactic to convince the future audience. It is a great impact as it would increase traffic to your business.

creativity restaurant photography

The above image is smoothened up with lightings, beautiful hair color, masking and a blurry background that focus on two consumers dining to create an emotional aspect for future audience.

4. Showcase photographs of your chef

Showcase photographs of your chef with a smile

An image of the ‘Chef’ with a smile

This is one of best strategies to add a description about your main chef and also the recipes he is specialized at. This creates notability of your chef.

The image is focused with light reflecting on a chef, meat and materials to prepare. The photo is enhanced, smoothened up to look attractive; create strong belief and culture about the restaurant among consumers.

Ultimately, the images of your restaurant create strong impressions, digitally enhanced images of your food increase consumer’s appetite, views of many people dining drives mood, and pictures of prominent chefs in the kitchen and their descriptions create eminence and belief. So, photography plays a remarkable role in all the aspects to drive higher walk-ins with enhanced, manipulated and retouched photographs.

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