5 Problem-solving Ideas to Make Your Upcoming Sunset Photography Session Amazing

In your photography career, you might have felt being overwhelmed when photo shooting during the sunset. Some of the questions might have triggered in your mind like; when will be the right time for sunset shoots, where to shoot, what would be the right camera settings to capture photos, how to get beautiful compositions, how should you pose your clients. The only way to answer these questions is by plannings. Henceforth, here are some of the best problem-solving ideas to make your sunset session amazing.

Plan before you shoot

Sunset shoot might be either of a maternity, couple or a family. As a photographer, you must be well prepared to get the stunning portraits of them. Before capturing any commercial sunset portraits; analyze the location and identify the best spots to click. Also, play with the camera settings for getting the good exposures during sunset. After thorough research on the location and settings, you can take your clients for their shoot.

Time flow plan for different sunset shoots

The best time to begin sunset shoots is one and a half hour before the sunset.

  • The earlier period of time, look for shady spots for clicks. It is perfect to click when the sun is flashing and harsh.
Photo by Pixabay

When the sun is shining harshly in the early evening, never miss an opportunity for clicks under the shades.

Photo by Paul Clifton

Look an opportunity to click portraits where the sun is flashing through a tree. But, sometimes you might find problems to control the sun flares. So, here is a link by digital photography school, where you can learn how to control it. Another way to solve sun flare is through photo editing. Photo editing professionals ensures the excess sun flares and lights in an image is prevented using various photo editing tools to give a perfect portrait.

Photo by Luu Duc Anh
  • Just 10 to 15 mins before the sunset, never miss an opportunity to click silhouette. The basic idea to click good silhouette is, you have to be lower enough than the subject (couple, family etc). If you cannot be lower enough, make your subject to stand higher by finding any rock or a small hill. Here is an article by digital photography school, where can know how to click perfect silhouette.
Photo by Pixabay

Clicked from the lower position to higher to get a great couple’s silhouette

It is not only about the silhouette. During the same period of time, you can also capture great dramatical portraits. Just you need to do is change your camera settings to slightly brighter by altering either shutter speed or aperture but not ISO. It is better to keep ISO constant as always and get your subject closer (couple, family).

Photo by Adam Kontor
Just before sunset
  • The last session comes the dusk shooting. It is just after the sun sets. The essence of the lights during this particular time interval is just gorgeous. You get to see warm tones at the earth’s surface, and cobalt blue color sky above it.
Photo by Ibrahim Asad
Dusk shooting after sunset

Camera settings for sunset portraits during different time intervals

Identify the right camera settings, depending on the amount of light which is present at a particular location. Hence, learning, practicing, and getting a thorough knowledge of sunny 16 rule is important to identify accurate camera settings and right exposure of sunset portraits in changing lights. So, if you’re an amateur photographer, it is mandatory you learn the sunny 16 rule and implement it practically to get stunning images.

During the time of clicking silhouette portraits, depth of field in the background should have greater sharpness. So, recommend camera settings should have larger aperture (like f/8 or higher f-stops than it), ISO as low possible to prevent the noise. That is; 100, 200, or 400. Start the shutter speed from 1/125s and keep increasing it until you get a perfect silhouette.

Getting beautiful compositions

The art of getting beautiful compositions comes when you learn some of the key techniques. So here are, the important information on getting better composition on your photos by PetaPixel, which you should not miss out.

Posing your clients

The sunset photography session can be done for a wedding, maternity, or for a family’s portraits. As a photographer, you must have a variety of posing ideas in your mind. Posing is one of the key elements to get stunning portraits. So here is some of the best wedding photography posing ideas which you can look at, and implement in your next portrait.

Ultimately, assessing the location, identifying the best spots to click on a particular location and knowing the right settings for changing lights during the time of eve is necessary. Thus, accurate planning is must to become a good sunset photographer.

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