Top Wedding Photography Trends

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Capturing and treasuring such moments with a feel of modern editing touch is an emerging trend today.
Every couple has their own taste in photographs. Most of them prefer original, creative and candid shots. Let us learn some exciting facts, trends and photo editing process that help in creating stunning wedding photographs.
Changing photography style and trend has a drastic impact on wedding photography. In this era pre-wedding photography is what that every couple love. Especially brides will have many preparations, is it not?

Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

This exciting and fun filled concept of pre-wedding photography was started in Chinese and grand South Asian weddings. Candid shots that express features like emotions, love, dresses, makeup, hairstyle and lot more that define couple goals are captured in this section of photography.
Couples expect visually impressive images that retain the reality with minor photo editing. This type of photographs requires basic photo editing like Retouching, enhancement, toning and other.

Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

Destination Wedding

Trending today! Destination wedding is a dream project for every couple. Couples fly for beautiful location to fulfill their fairy tale wedding. Locations like United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Paris and lot more are best chosen places for destination wedding.
In this genre of photo editing, the essence and richness of exquisite locations has to be maintained. Just slight manipulations are more than enough to boost up destination wedding photographs.

Destination Wedding
Destination Wedding

Drone Wedding Photography

For those who dream for dramatic rustic wedding, drone photography help you in capturing all the special moments in a different style. Remote area wedding need full coverage that documents every bit of the special day. Drones are the trending device in 2018 that provide 360 degree photography feel.

Drone Wedding Photography

Unplugged Wedding with Same day photo edits

Every marriage is unique and special. Some couples wish to display some sweet moments of their wedding during reception or in other ceremonies. Moment of smile like father daughter first look, guest reactions, affection of elders, joy of kids, couple goals and lot more are converted into small teasers to meet this requirement.
Teaser with 10 to 20 edited wedding images and slideshow of photo shoot images need quick retouching, so that the images pop-up the event. (Various Photo editing experts offers stunning photo editing services, which would be truly beneficial for wedding photographers from delivering attractive and better images to their clients). One can opt for exciting packages that might help you in brightening up your special day.

Capturing Smoke Bombs

Exciting and innovative idea in wedding photography is that the use of “Smoke Bombs”. These special props enhance photographs by providing coloring effect. Smoke bombs are widely used in candid photography. Basic enhancement editing is best for this kind of photographs.

Capturing Smoke Bombs Wedding Photography
Capturing Smoke Bombs Wedding Photography

Use of Mirrorless Cameras and Light painting photo effects

Capturing images with duotone like black & white gives trendy touch to modern style photographs. Mirrorless camera aids in capturing beautiful moments under dark light. Added flavor of light paint photo effect enriches the blond look of night photographs.

Mirrorless Cameras and Light painting photo effects
Wedding Candids

Selfie Freak

People are going crazy on selfie trend. Phoneography is an emerging photography genre that is replacing the usage of huge cameras. This kind of photographs work on “Fun is King” theme, wherein candid and funny shots get high prominence. Editing of selfie is quite easy task which can be enhanced using innovative filters and textures.

Selfie Freak wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one among the creative genre of photography. Types/style of wedding photography is unlimited and still in updating mode. Photography is fantasy and joyous career anyone can opt for. Try out your way and enjoy beautiful photo edits. Keep practicing since as you know practice always make man perfect. It is always a privilege to know your thoughts and opinion. Feel free to share your memories and concepts of photography. Hope this piece of blog helped you.

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