Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography

Photographing underwater is an exciting and adventurous task. You get to know other world with mesmerizing colours and aquatic life.
Here are some interesting and useful tips that help beginners to get well-versed in underwater photography….

Here we go..

Before we move on to photography tips, let us put an eye on underwater photography facts.

  • Using flash or strobe in underwater photography is important since it prevents photos from looking blue. Water has a special property of absorbing colors like red, orange and yellow.
  • Underwater photography should be taken within 1 meter of camera distance, since water reduces colour, contrast and sharpness.
  • Use compact camera with internal flash to retain and add colours to your photos.
  • “Fill Flash” when used effectively and “paints” in missing colour aids in overall exposure.
  • Water has higher refractive index than the housing material of the camera. This makes the subjects look slightly larger and closer than they really are.
Underwater Photography

1. Comfortability in the water

Underwater Photography

The first major aspect in underwater photography is swimming. Swim hard dream big, make sure you are a good swimmer. Know your safety measures under water environment. Get guidance from experienced swimmer or divers. Be comfortable with your equipment and also be trained in snorkel or scuba gear. Also read the beginners guide to glance on basic tips and tricks.
Know your water world, so that you can explore in a safer way. If you are dealing with ocean water body, keep a note on the potential dangers and the measures to avoid them. Know about the wildlife underwater and how to escape from their attacks. Enjoy your journey in the vast water world and shot stunning shots.

2. Camera & Equipment

Underwater Photography

There are number camera and equipment that are used in underwater photography. They can be listed as housing for camera, waterproof camera, underwater strobes, video lights, point & shoot camera, DSLR camera, mirrorless camera, GoPro camera, lenses, focus lights and many more.
Use a camera which has control over ISO. The DSLR camera with proper waterproof housing aids in underwater photography. Precise control of ISO helps in shooting dark environment of deeper sea area. Most of the time lights are lost when you go deeper into the ocean. In these cases you need to control your camera ISO.

3. Camera Housing

Underwater Photography

In underwater photography waterproof is of primary need. Anyway housings are quite expensive. But without proper housing; it may cause damage to your camera. Some people use plastic housing, but these do not work well for deeper expedition.
Aluminum housings are in great demand for its extensive usage. Number one companies that manufacture durable housings are Aquatech and Nauticam. Housing provides knobs and buttons which reach the camera inside and helps in photography. 
Proper housing settings are to done before diving into the ocean. Set your housing in cool mode; since it may lead to condensation of water. Precaution is always safe; Make sure you handle your equipment in a proper manner.

4. Shoot in RAW mode

Underwater Photography

Get picture perfect shot underwater by switching on to RAW mode. Note that you expose to the right and bracket your shots. The RAW files are advantageous over JPEG files; since in jpeg format the files are compressed. However you need editing when you shoot in raw mode.
The RAW files stores maximum data when shooting in dark shadows and also highlight areas. These files allow custom white balance to be done. Shooting in raw mode helps you manage color, contrast, sharpening, color space, exposure and white balance in your computer.
With high dynamic range, raw mode details extensive information of your photography subject. Lighting and filters help you in adding the missing red color in photographs; since sometimes red color will be saturated in photos.

As they say, “Most photos are worth a thousand words. Underwater ones are worth at least a million-Stephen Frink” Underwater photography is always adventurous. Excessive practice and good guidance leads to a magnificent photograph. It is never the late! Always have focus and aim to achieve best in photography field. Hope these tips help you in shooting stunning underwater photographs.

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