Why are 360° Virtual Tours the Need of the Hour?

Virtual Tour the Need of the Hour

In today’s world, the consumers are tech-savvy, and it is essential for real estate and hotel businesses to implement modern technologies to satisfy the customers. The ‘more the businesses implement relevant technologies; better the growth, sustainability, and competitive advantage.’ The visual representation of the properties and a virtual tour with images that has perfect exposure can draw higher attention to the customers in competitive markets.

Let’s look in brief.

360° virtual tours the need of the hour

360° virtual tour can have a greater impact towards drawing more customers and give them a sneak peek into your property/home. According to one of the research, 50% found a virtual tour was useful and most impactful for older people. Major hotel businesses are aiming to drive higher customer engagement and conversions by showcasing virtual tours on their websites. Virtual tours are one of the most trending media marketing tools that real estate owners and hoteliers can implement to take their business to the next level.

It is not too late. Fotofigo provides 360° virtual tour services for your business by enhancing, retouching, accurate stitching and placing of your images to make it top quality, attractive and engaging for customers.

Some of the reasons to implement virtual tour in real estate and hotel industry

  • Creates a unique user experience
  • Transparency – Everything is clearly visible in a virtual tour.
  • Prevents communication gap – The customer knows already about hotel or real estate offerings. Example – Amenities provided in a hotel or a child park available at an apartment.
  • Save time – After virtual tour, only interested customers come for further process. Either for a stay or communication with realtors.
  • Consumers who book a stay or further communicate with realtors are those satisfied by your virtual tours.
  • Then, if standardized internal services like quality food, good customer services are met, brand loyalty will arise. Thus, higher chances of your customers visiting your hotel again.
  • Customers who are brand loyal also might become your brand ambassador. Example – Consumers interacting about their experience of a stay with friends, families, neighbours establish the indirect word of mouth marketing.

One of the key aspects in creating a 360° virtual tour is to generate higher revenue for your business.

Here is a sequential flow of a virtual tour, which would trigger a greater impact on your business

Real Estate Flowchart

Different ways of creating 360° virtual tour

One of the way is to manually stitch series of images either through photoshop or various softwares to get impressive 360° panoramic view.
Another way is to use the photomerge tool in photoshop. It automates the process and is less complex.

Afterall, the post process of 360° virtual tour plays a major influence on user experience

Post Process Interior

  • Removal of unwanted elements like hazes, shadows in the interiors of your apartment or a hotel. Also, if in case necessary, objects and backgrounds are partially modified to look attractive, sharp and neat.
Real Estate
  • During overcast or low lights, the pictures are not highly exposed. So, the image is enhanced by adjustment of lightings to get balanced exposure of your room.
Real Estate

Post Process External Amenities

  • The sky which is overcasted is modified and made to look better exposed with the clear blue sky. Mainly used for your amenities to be attractive. Example – swimming pool and child parks.
Real Estate

The customer gets more exposed about your apartment or villa if internal as well external surroundings are displayed through a virtual tour.

‘‘Transparency is the best strategy in business.’ So, exposing the overall surroundings of your apartment/hotel with a virtual tour is noteworthy.

FotoFigo assists photographers by utilizing best of technique to blend and get the right exposure of the virtual tour image.

Ultimately, as customers are getting more used to technologies, it is better for hotel owners/realtors to upgrade the way of engagement process by virtual tours. This creates the unique user experience, higher conversion rates, visibility of your overall business, interested customers coming to your business, and finally, you will have a competitive advantage.

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