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Twilight photography documents spectacular view of landscapes, architecture, and portraits under the warm sunlight. The best time duration for shooting twilight photos are 20 to 25 minutes before the sunrise and after the sunset.

Lot of us gets confused between twilight and night photography, is it not? The difference just lie in the time zone, preferable twilight photography falls at 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm whereas night photography is shot at an average time of 9:30 pm to 4:30 am.

Beautiful twilight photography can be classified into three types Civil, Nautical twilight or Golden hour and Astronomical twilight. The concept of twilight occurs when the upper atmosphere of the Earth scatters and reflects sunlight which in turn illuminates the lower atmosphere.

Three types of Twilight Photography

Civil Twilight

Emerge when the Sun is less than 6 degrees below the horizon, precisely the time after actual sunset. This time duration emits warm light which are well suited for shooting twilight portrait or landscape photography. An important note is that to stay focused and pay attention to the cloud positions. In several countries this time duration is noted for hunting, usage of headlights and street lights. At this peak hour you will get to shoot in beautiful range of colors like blue to pink, to purple, red and orange.

Civil Twilight
Civil Twilight

Nautical Twilight

Occur when the sun is 12 degree below the horizon. This time duration last up to 40 minutes and is less bright than civil twilight. Here the warm light shades fade in and colors like purple and deeper blue are replaced giving a cool effect.

Nautical Twilight
Nautical Twilight Photography

Astronomical Twilight

Comes after civil and nautical twilights wherein the sun is 18 degrees below the horizon. This time duration is best to shoot starry sky and stunning illumination in big cities. With the right equipment and long shutter speed, you can capture a couple of good images. The only color in focus during this period is blue and hence there will be a need for artificial light.

Astronomical Twilight Photography
Astronomical Twilight Photography

Now let us learn how we can capture impressive real estate images under beautiful twilights. Real estate images get well focused on product retailer and catalog companies. Would the company like to present stained, damaged or images with improper lighting in the catalog? Of course not and neither the seller would like to feature low-quality images. In the real estate industry, home is treated as a product just like any other and hence need to be showcased well in the market.

There is always confusion between which light is better, whether it is daylight or twilight? On considering quality detailing of home, daylight is the best choice. As per campaigns, twilight shots are more impressive and appealing than daylight photography for marketing.

Daylight vs twilight photography

Advantage of shooting in twilight is that the combination of the pleasant glow of lights inside the home, subtraction of shadows, and view of sunset help in capturing stunning real estate shots. The twilight shot of home can really aid viewers to look more inside the home and other parts.

There are times in which twilight photography have drawbacks. Shooting homes with ocean view require hit of bright sunlight; at this time twilight shot fails in putting up a presentable image.

Twilight photography helps the home look extraordinary from ordinary. There is a number of techniques used in photographing the property to pull off a great photo. Here are some quick tips,

  • Use a tripod so that while shooting the camera doesn’t move between exposures.
  • Plan and schedule the perfect time for shooting the property that is 15 minutes before sunset and 15 minutes after sunset.
  • Turn on all the interior lights for better results.
  • Shoot in raw so that you can adjust white balance and exposure as per your requirements.
  • Use aperture to f/8 and set the camera on manual. Adjust the shutter speed accordingly to get normal exposure.
  • Continuous lighting and flash improve your photo by adding drama effect and light in landscape and also the areas that lie in completely dark.
Twilight Photography
Twilight Photography

Everyone love twilight photography and yes they look great in your portfolio. These shots add more weightage to real estate images and attract more clients. Here in Fotofigo, we provide high-quality real estate photo editing services that help you in boosting up your marketing with visually appealing photographs. Feel free to share your thoughts and enjoy shooting twilights!

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