5 Top Techniques for Photography composition

Photography composition

Photography composition is an ‘Art’ which comes only through thorough practice and good visualization ability. In simple terms, the composition is defined as ‘the ways, various subjects of the scene are arranged within the camera’s frame’ is composition. Further, the main intention of this article is to make you understand some of the most significant techniques of composition.

The picture was taken from Pexels and Photo by Pixabay

Look at the top image. The image is beautifully composed with three main subjects in mind; a boat sailing away, a large mountain surrounding with greeneries, and the bluish sky.

Let’s have a look into some of the significant composition techniques

1) The most basic and very important one is the Rule of thirds

This composition technique is just as simple. 9 square in a frame with 2 vertical and horizontal grids. This feature can be enabled in your DSLR by going through your manual. The main purpose is to place your subject in the right areas for a better result.

The picture was taken from Pexels and Photo by Freestocks

The girl blowing the snow from her hand is a perfectly composed image.

Look at the above image. The main subject (portrait) is accurately placed between the two intersecting lines. Hence, her actions are able to be seen much in detail. The image would not have a significant impact if the portrait was placed exactly in the middle.

The picture was taken from Pexels and Photo by Pixabay

A good photographer with visualizing ability gets a perfectly composed image

Look at the above image from the vertical perspective. The bottom squares covered with greeneries and monumental base; middle squares focused towards the monument and third towards the sky. The image could not have a significant impact if you have focused only on the monument. Greenery on the fore, the monument at the center, and sky at the back is a perfectly composed image with good details which makes more appealing and wow effect when an individual looks at the picture for the first time.

On the other way, architecture photography and photo editing can play a significant role in tourism businesses. Architecture with a well-composed picture with photo editing techniques like beautiful sky replacement, color corrections, and enhancements techniques wherever necessary would play a remarkable role in attracting and building tourism. Professional photo editing experts can assist you in editing your images with perfect quality and quick delivery.

2) Symmetry

The identical structure which is seen at two ends and ‘the point of the line which splits that identical structure exactly to half’ is symmetry.

Symmetry-Photography Composition

‘Symmetry in a reflective way’

Photography Composition

You can combine different compositions techniques to get a perfectly composed image. Look at the above image, ‘rule of thirds’ and ‘symmetry’ can be utilized. Realizing symmetry here, exactly divides the half element. Rule of thirds allows you to simply place the subjects accurately.

‘Realization of using best and multiple techniques are important as a photographer.’ Never lose an opportunity wherever it comes. The above example is a perfect example of symmetry in real estate photography. Thus, mentioning at the start that visualization ability plays an important role in photography.

3) One Point Perspective

Our eyes are not telescopic. Hence, you will see two parallel lines seems to intersect each other at far distant. Look at the image below.

Photography Composition

‘A perfect composition’

Perfect Photography Composition

In real estate photography, you can utilize this technique. But, here the point of intersection would be the two walls. Look at the image below.

Real estate photography composition

‘Just focus on two intersecting walls with your wide angle lens makes your work simple’

As you know, rooms usually are in square and halls are in rectangular. Irrespective of rectangular or squares both have two-point intersections each side. Hence, just stay at one end and focus on another end for the clicks. This is the way you can get a good composition in the picture with several subjects in one frame. Also, ensure you importantly use a wide angle lens in real estate photography, it is one of the biggest advantages for better composition and details. One point perspective works well for ‘hall’ and bigger rooms.

The picture was taken from Pexels and Photo by Delbeautybox

‘The walls intersecting each other are clearly visible here. Hence, this is not exactly a one-point perspective. But, we have partially connected it to make you understand the concept.’

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4. Composition for Moving elements

The movement of the subject may be in any direction and the best way to composition the subject is by leaving more space towards the fore. You may take a photo in any dimensional route, but ensure there is more space left in the front of them.

Photography Composition for Moving elements

‘An Image with a good flow’

As you know, our subconscious mind tends to visualize the flow in an image. Like here, we would look at the bike and the fore of it. If the bike was placed towards the left with minimum space on the fore of it, the image wouldn’t have created a significant impact.

Photography Composition for Moving elements

As you can see in the above picture, the individual is running in the right direction. It would have a significant impact ‘if the subject was placed towards the left of the frame rather than between the right grid and middle.’

But, this image has better depth, as it has been focused on the yellow line on the fore, then the main subject ‘runner’, and the bluish sky. It has created ‘negative spacing’ with a lot of empty spaces above the subject where sometimes it can look better and attractive as the above image.

Photography Composition for Moving elements

Cropping can create a better composition. But, you tend to lose details in your photographs. Our subconscious mind always tends to visualize the flow. Like, ‘the direction a person is running.’ Hence, here giving more space towards the fore of an individual creates standout and better-composed image.

5. Creating Depth

Create foreground interest to create good depth in the images.

Depth Photography Composition
Photography Composition

‘Creating foreground interest can be one of the ways to get attention to the image.’

Foreground interest can be a rock, a pole, a thing, or anything. This is the best way to attract and get attention from the viewers.

Ultimately, implementing these simple composition techniques in practical life would assist you in building a professional career as a Photographer by delivering high quality and perfectly composed images to your clients.

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