Choice of lens and Camera settings

Choice of lens and Camera settings street

Avoid using telephoto lens since it will be awkward handling a giant lens in the crowd. Wide lenses are always the best to use for it,s handy and compact features. Best street photographers intelligently opt for compact, smaller, lightweight and discrete camera rather than caring large ones.

To get a masterpiece in your photography camera settings play a major role. Start by switching the camera to AV (aperture priority mode) and then manually select f-stop (aperture) and ISO. This will decide and set the precise shutter speed like around f/16 with an ISO of 200-400 for a bright sunny day. You will rock the street if you own a camera with an excellent shutter speed of 1/200th per second.

Get Close to your Street Subjects

street photography
street photography

Multiple high prime street photos are taken at the right moment, close to the subjects with advantageous wide lens. Stunning shots are documented during walking alone a street, busy crowd, busy markets, parks, street artists and others. Perfect zoom in & zoom out at right place and right time leads in mesmerizing street photographs.

Carry your Camera everywhere

street photography

Photographing streets are spontaneous. During your photography session make camera as a part of your travel. You rarely get a second chance in street photography. Once the striking scene is passed you will never counter the same.

Actively Shoot at night

Shoot at night

You will get unique and exceptional photographs during night. It is always tedious to shoot streets in day time. Use tripods for additional assistance. Use fast aperture lens when shooting in low light. Try exploring lines, shadows, compositions and grids to get a visual impact image.

Always think out of box

out of box photography

Excellence hides in simplicity! Creative ideas and emotions can be rendered through simple images. There is no need to have people, busy places and other subjects in your photographs. Quit and settled images has higher place which showcase simplicity as a primary scope.

Adventures in street are unimaginable. Exploring street with camera is always fun filling and exciting. Main tip to master in street photography is practice. Hundreds of trial and error images lead to an exceptional photograph.
Enjoying your street ride with your camera and clicking the wow moments is what a street photography involves. Hope the above tips help you in your photography start up. Don’t miss a single scene in your street, start your expedition in photography.

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