Tips for Pet Photography

Pet Photography

They are known for their unconditional love and personalities. Different pet types include dogs, cats, house rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, frogs, snakes, turtles and lot more….

Photographing pets is a born talent. Capturing their innocence, activities, personalities and creating a perfect frame out of them is a tedious task.

Here are some easy and interesting tips to get a stunning shot of your beloved companion.

1. Know your Pets Character

Pet Photography (Cat)

A perfect shot is obtained when you capture your pet’s personality. Know your pet’s activities to shot at precise time. Take them to their favorite spots like hiking, parks, backyard, garden, places in home and others to frame an exceptional picture.
Keep your main focus on cute and naughty factors of your pet. Avoid flash to overcome high brightness and scattered light. You can always pic an exquisite image at their pastime like snoozing on the porch, playing with the ball, catching flies and other activities.

2. Aim for the charming Eyes

Pet charming Eyes Photography

To get a dramatic and expressive shot, aim for the eyes of your pet. It may during their sleep time or after their meal. Standard lens (50mm) or else zoom lens which cover about 28-70mm lengths can be used. To obtain an epic pet photograph turn on the mode dial to AV (Aperture Priority) and select a wide aperture to get blurred background.
It will be advantageous to use spot metering and focus on the eyes. Avoid flash to get a sharp and smoother image. Choose of background always pop ups the photos, uncluttered background with neutral colors suits the best and proper photo editing creates marvels.

3. Include Pet Owners/People

 Pet Owners/People Photography

Animals will possess exceptional bonding with their owners. A perfect portrait of pets and owner is always a classic shot. A camera with the standard lens of 50mm may be preferable. Don’t use flashes since it distract the pet.
Shallow depth of field sets the subjects in exact center of frame and helps you in focusing on eyes. Make sure that the animals are not distracted. Be quick enough to capture the site of animal affection.

4. Get to their level

pets photography

The necessary point to get dramatic and natural photo is getting down to floor so that you can reach the same level of pets. Photographing by lying down to ground avoids the use of tripods.
You can choose any other accessories like book, bags, cups etc. for supporting the camera in lower level. Choose a shallow DOF (f/2.8-f/8) to get blurred background and shutter speed of 1/400s.

Images of Pets

pets photography

Pets are always the most loved ones after the kids in a family. They can provide number of interesting and dramatic photographs that highlights their innocence. The skill in taking pet photographs counts a lot.
You can also use toys, treat them well, feed them and engage them in something interesting so that you can capture at rite time. Experiment with your shots with precise shutter speed till you get an exquisite photograph.

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