1) Lomo Photo Effect

Lomo Photo Effect

A mixture of high contrast, high saturation, unsaturated colors and retro effect; Lomo effect can be captured with analog cameras. This unique style of photo effects occurs due to variation of color, which are the outcome of improper color reproduction and dark blurry edges with high sharp edges. Lomo photo effect rejoices the retro and vintage style in special manner.

2) Tilt Shift Photo Effect

Lomo Photo Effect2

“Tilt–shift” defines two types of movements like tilt; rotation of the lens plane relative to the image plane, and shift; movement of the lens parallel to the image plane. In this photo effect large subjects are depicted in miniature level.
The use of tilt is to control the direction of the plane of focus (PoF), and the part of sharp image. Shift is used to modify the position of the photography subject in the image area without any movement of the camera back; this aids in avoiding the conjunction of parallel lines when photographing tall buildings. Tilt shift photo effect uplifts the concept of creativity in photo editing. Explore and enjoy the miniature world with tilt shift effect.

3) Polaroid Photo Effect

Lomo Photo Effect3

It is one of the old methods of photo effect which is shot under polarizing light. In this digital world there are various photo editing tools that help in getting a Polaroid effect to your images. Working around with layers in Photoshop, boost up your photos. Are you well-versed in Photoshop tool? Try learning; it’s so amazing to work with. Set your boring plain images to stunning Polaroid effect and get an eye-catching photograph.

4) Vintage Effect

Lomo Photo Effect4

Love the beauty of vintage photos? Explore Photoshop and enter Vintage photo effect which takes you back to entire new world or era. What is now called vintage was once brand new! You can get stunning old look to your photography with vintage photo effect that encloses variety of fade and textures. The simplicity, clarity and efficiency of early 90’s, details profound and enduring beauty of vintage effect. Enjoy detailing your photos with dreamy and timeless vintage look.

5) Desaturated Effect

Lomo Photo Effect5

Popularly known as washed out photo effect, desaturation photo effect provides a filmic feel to the photographs. To achieve this unique style of photo effect one can use gradient maps and curves in Photoshop. Inspired by amazing motion pictures, TV shows and other dramatic films; desaturated photo effect brings in a stimulated cinematic look to regular images.

6) Light leaks Photo Effect

Lomo Photo Effect6

An exceptional form of photo effect that boosts up lomo effect is light leaks. This effect displays wide bands of bright, colourful light strikes that add a dramatic look to your photographs. Light leaks or Bokeh photo effect takes place when stray light seeps into the camera and exposes film leading to brilliant color effects.

These are some of the perfect fit photo effects in photography genre. Make your photos more interesting and unique with the look you dream of.
Maximize your love in photo editing! Enjoy playing with innovative textures and light effect that boost up photography.
Creativity can’t be trapped under constraints. Explore your fantasy in photo editing and taste the joy of inventing brand new photo effect.

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