Online Photo Editing Services - HDR Blending Corrections

HDR Blending Corrections

As a photographer, you might have already heard of this term called HDR Blending. If not, it is the process of capturing several photos of the same subject with different exposures and then blending those images to form a perfectly exposed image with the right details of each element. Fotofigo, as a photo editing service provider, blends your images expertly using ‘Adobe Photoshop’ and then does the final post-processing if in case there is a need to retouch in some of the faulty areas. ‘We look at each perspective before delivering an image.’

Our Online Digital Photo Editing Services for HDR Blending Corrections Include:

How to get HDR Blending Corrections done for your photographs?

Select any one of our four packages that suit your need, and then register, make the payment for uploading your images. Later on, you can download (24hrs turnaround time) your retouched images.