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We guarantee a turnaround time between 1-24 hours for our professional photo editing services. This will vary depending on the services you require and quantity of images you want to be retouched.

As soon as we have finished retouching your photos, we will notify you by email. Once you have reviewed the images and are happy, you can simply click the 'Download now' button and the images will download directly to your desktop. If you prefer, we can also send the photos as an attachment to your email.

We also provide the option to directly share photos on Facebook - saving you the hassle of re-uploading the images.

We accept photos in just about every format for our professional image editing services. This includes JPEG,GIF and PNG. If you have a photo in a different format than the ones listed, email [email protected] and we will advise you if we can edit your images.

Absolutely not. We never use our clients' photos unless we have been given direct consent from the owner of the photograph.

We provide a simplified, inexpensive method for anyone to obtain professional-quality photographs. All you have to do is:

  • Upload the images you need edited
  • Let us know specifically how we can enhance them for you
  • Securely make your payment through PayPal
  • Download your amazing new pictures

Please check our How it Works page for a more detailed description.

We are committed to ensuring our customers are 100% satisfied with our adjustments and our digital photo editing services. Before you download your photos, you have a chance to review our work and request readjustments free of charge*

It may be a case of a simple misunderstanding of your instructions by the artist. If so, you should request a free revision and add more detailed instructions. You also have the option to attach an image or link to a photo which has similar elements to your own requirements. This will allow our artists to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your needs.

Alternatively, you can call our customer service team with your project number and let them know the readjustments you require.

*If your images require different or additional editing aspects, further charges may apply.

Sure! Combining two images together to create one 'superphoto' is a great idea. We welcome any images or links to photos which will provide our artists with a better understanding of your requirements. When submitting your editing request, there will be an option to upload reference photos.

And of course, there is no charge for uploading these reference images.

Certainly - this is one of our specialties. We have a stockpile of popular background images (beaches, gardens, parks, rain, city backdrops) which we can use for your photos. Or, if you want a unique or specific image to replace your background, you can also upload this and we will make the adjustment.

No, we claim no copyright or ownership to any photos we edit/retouch. The customer will always maintain full ownership of their photos.

No need to worry. Just get in touch with our support team through any of the following means:

  • You can send an email to [email protected] or
  • Contact our support center or
  • Live chat with our support team. Let them know your name, email and what has happened and they will sort this out for you.
  • If there was an error with submission, you may be required to re-submit your photos and instructions.

Once we receive your order, our artists take a look at the job requirement. In case your instruction cannot be carried out within the extent of our digital photo retouching, repair and restoration services, we will cancel your order and refund your money as soon as possible.

You can pay using your PayPal account.

You can follow the steps below to order our background-changing service:

  • Upload your main photograph and the image that you want in the background in the same project.
  • Name the background image 'Reference Picture'. We won't charge you for this picture.
  • Order the service.

No, we don't purchase background images for customers.

Absolutely. Fotofigo follows a stringent privacy policy. No third party will have access to your images or information. We also guarantee that we will never publish or share your images without your explicit consent.

You can login and mail [email protected] We will close your account and delete your images as soon as possible.

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