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Getting the Right Exposure for Changing Daylight

Getting the Right Exposure for Changing Daylight

Several professional photographers might have heard of the sunny 16 rule, and implemented it in their daily photography routines to get a good exposure of the images. Some might have heard and acquired partial knowledge about it, and amateurs might have not heard them at all. To avoid confusions, gaining a good knowledge of the sunny 16 rule would be very useful in getting stunning clicks during any daylight situation. Thus, having learned the concepts would give a platform to improvise your photography career.

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3 Must-know Concepts to Photograph the Rain

3 Must-know Concepts to Photograph the Rain

Most of the people love to sit inside and stay warm during the rain with a cup of tea, or a coffee. Only the adventurous and imaginary photographers like to come out and have their gear focused on the rain, to make beautiful pictures. Of course, there are various problems when photographing the rain, but you get an opportunity to photograph diverse lighting conditions and reflections. Further, the blog elucidates solution to 2 problems which are ‘camera settings for the rain’ and ‘what to carry during the rain.’ Also, few ideas to photograph the rain are explained.

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