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Everything you need to know about Drone Photography

Everything you need to know about Drone Photography

If you want to learn how to get started with drone photography then you’re at the right place. Drone photography and videography has made impossible things possible with its abilities to capture the glimpses from above. In this article, we will briefly touch upon drone’s major advantages in various photography niche, how to start them right, and also the effective tips to shoot with the drones. Every concept here is explained in simplified manner so that you can implement the same in the near future. So, let’s get on with the article now.

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7 Secrets to produce great portraits!

7 Secrets to produce great portraits!

Portrait photography is just not about capturing a photo. It must also be very effective to trigger a viewer’s attention. The intention of this article is to make you understand, the basic ideas of capturing portraits in different forms to stimulate viewer’s attention. Another intention is to know the different concepts and the techniques which every photographer much know. Initially, let’s go with basic ideas and further with technical concepts which are explained in simple ways.

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5 Vital Ideas for Photographers to Attract Realtors

5 Vital Ideas for Photographers to Attract Realtors

When photography business has fierce competition at your location, it is important to consider different ideas which will trigger realtors to choose you among others. As a photographer, you must be flexible and adopt different strategies time to time for sustaining in today’s competition. Henceforth, in this article, we will touch upon 5 important strategies, that will guide you in attracting various realtors and earn contracts from them.

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5 Top Techniques for Photography composition

5 Top Techniques for Photography composition

Photography composition is an ‘Art’ which comes only through thorough practice and good visualization ability. In simple terms, the composition is defined as ‘the ways, various subjects of the scene are arranged within the camera’s frame’ is composition. Further, the main intention of this article is to make you understand some of the most significant techniques of composition.

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