Fashion Photography Trends

Fashion photography revolves around documenting images and styles adopted by changing fashion trends. This genre of photography is interlinked with other form of photography like lifestyle , wedding,documentary,photojournalism,portraiture,advertising, and other.

Who doesn’t love getting fashionable? In this trend setting era changing of the seasons comes the changing of lifestyle and adaptation which influences in new trends. Fashion photography fuses reality and creativity by capturing unique piece of still images. The main purpose is to capture creative candid, unrehearsed moments of a model’s real life and spontaneous moments with exquisite retouching.

Artistic work in fashion photography is widely used in magazines, fashion blogs, advertisement play and lot more. Let us now know some of the editing process that uplift fashion photographs.

Color Toning

Skin tones with different punch and textures give new look to images. Three trend setting color tones are Rosy, Peachy and Golden. Have you ever noticed the enhanced images on magazine cover? The credit of stunning photographs goes to the photographer and photo editors, who mend the images with effect color toning.

These skin tones are trend setters of fashion photography 2018. The enhancement of model photography always lies in color toning effect.

Moody Lighting

Fashion photography can be shot in different light forms, which can be listed as dark, moody, mystic light, high contrast and light leaks. The moody lighting is feathered and it delicately defines the photography subject. A normal image looks professional under moody lighting effects. Images of models under moody lighting with basic image enhancement look well-defined and detailed. In the vast beauty world, the photographs act as a mirror to showcase your fashion trend. Moody lighting holds upper hand in fashion photographs.

Next is the concept of darker midtones. Color tones give an extraordinary twist for the regular or plain images. This change in complexion dictates the overall look and aesthetic beauty of the image. Moody lighting and darker midtones go hand-in-hand, aiming in enhancement of the model photographs.

Natural Look

During the process of fashion photo editing, the editor makes sure that he/she doesn’t damage the natural feel of the shot. Being a model is not an easy task since the photo shoot not only describes the fashion trend but also the personality of a person. Preserving natural look make the photograph looks more fresh and new.

Skin Retouching

Models will have different skin tone. During photography there might be some skin tone mismatch which drops down the quality of the image. Skin Retouching in Photoshop helps in even tone distribution, thanks to the magic wand that restores the originality of the image with extensive photo editing.

Mixed Media

This is the new trend in fashion world, mixed media. The slow motion effect, portraits, cinemagraphs and interactive video fall under this category. This age is connected through Social media which forms a platform for exchanging personal thoughts as well as marketing. Fashion industry also follows this hub in order to showcase their creativity and photography skill.

Fashion photography is one of the vast and expanding genres of photography. Defining the talent of designers through stunning photographs is neatly done by the photographers. There is no full stop for exploring innovative subjects in photography. Take a tour over our photo editing services and get more info on how our expert photo editors beautify some of the boring images to appealing ones. Enjoy your photography bliss and share your thoughts with me.

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