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Importance of virtual tour in Real Estate and Hotel industry

7 Vital Real Estate Photography Tips for Amateurs

7 Vital Real Estate Photography Tips for Amateurs

‘Getting thorough knowledge and insights of a particular subject is the only way to master it.’ As an amateur real estate photographer, learning these 7 vital tips would give a platform to practice real estate photography, facilitates you in clicking high-quality photographs, gives a right path to improvise and build career as a real estate photographer.

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Why are 360° virtual tours the need of the hour?

Why are 360° virtual tours the need of the hour?

In today’s world, the consumers are tech-savvy, and it is essential for real estate and hotel businesses to implement modern technologies to satisfy the customers. The ‘more the businesses implement relevant technologies; better the growth, sustainability, and competitive advantage.’ The visual representation of the properties and a virtual tour with images that has perfect exposure can draw higher attention to the customers in competitive markets.

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