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Photography is a visual form of art. Capturing beautiful and stunning moments of life in simple clicks define photography. Special days of life are framed fantabulously by photographs which could be cherished over years.

5 Top Techniques for Photography composition

5 Top Techniques for Photography composition

Photography composition is an ‘Art’ which comes only through thorough practice and good visualization ability. In simple terms, the composition is defined as ‘the ways, various subjects of the scene are arranged within the camera’s frame’ is composition. Further, the main intention of this article is to make you understand some of the most significant techniques of composition.

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Different Tripods and its prime considerations – Explained!

Different Tripods and its prime considerations – Explained!

As we know, the prime characteristics of using any tripods are same; that is, ‘to prevent camera shakes’, ‘allow more light into the camera’ and get the steadier and sharp images at your hand. However, there are variety of tripods that are being designed ‘to enable the features which benefit specific photographic situations. Hence, it is important as a photographer to know, ‘which tripod suits the best to shoot what.’

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Prime vs. Zoom lens and knowing when to use the right one

Prime vs. Zoom lens and knowing when to use the right one

As a photographer, you must have heard of these two terms called ‘Prime’ and ‘Zoom’ lenses. But, you might not have heard about their clear-cut ‘advantages’ and ‘disadvantages’ of each lens. Henceforth, it is significant to know these terms in details, which would help you in utilizing the ‘right lens’ for your photography sessions and also get the right quality image.

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3 Must-know Concepts to Photograph the Rain

3 Must-know Concepts to Photograph the Rain

Most of the people love to sit inside and stay warm during the rain with a cup of tea, or a coffee. Only the adventurous and imaginary photographers like to come out and have their gear focused on the rain, to make beautiful pictures. Of course, there are various problems when photographing the rain, but you get an opportunity to photograph diverse lighting conditions and reflections. Further, the blog elucidates solution to 2 problems which are ‘camera settings for the rain’ and ‘what to carry during the rain.’ Also, few ideas to photograph the rain are explained.

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