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Food Photography

A creative category under still photography used to capture mouth-watering food items, defines Food Photography.

10 Food Photography Tricks to implement next!

10 Food Photography Tricks to implement next!

Food photography can be described as the most challenging niche among various other photography niches. Here, you have to be accurate in terms of every aspect like composition, lightings, angles and many more. A good food photograph doesn’t happen even though you have a good fancy camera at your hand; you need to learn the right techniques and concepts before capturing them. So, here are some of the tricks which you can implement for your next food photography session, and go beyond your existing skills, knowledge, and experience.

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Tips to drive higher walk-ins to your restaurant with digitally enhanced photographs

Tips to drive higher walk-ins to your restaurant with digitally enhanced photographs

In today’s world, restaurants should have an online presence to remain competitive and sustainable. Visual communication in the form of photography plays a remarkable role in businesses nowadays. According to Adobe’s ‘Social Intelligence Report’, the posts which contains images, has 650% higher engagement than the posts which has only texts. This shows how effective an image is, for promoting your restaurant in online platform.

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